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The European Union - and pajama suit

The European Union is one of the biggest misconceptions of poor nations and the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Designed with the aim of looting so. middle class and turning it into a poor stock. "Life is a sine wave, in which he comes up to the cyclical change that repetition".

How did our website www.zlocininadsrbima.com

2009, the Internet has largely come to life, "Serbian" wikipedia. Deliberately putting quotation marks with the Serbian, because it unfortunately is not Serbian, you would say that wikipedija of Republic Serbia. Which is to say that it respects these let official position. Some members of the "Serbian" Wikipedia, and today our moderators are actively writing articles, thinking that doing one thing right.

18 years of operation "Storm"

I looked at the calendar and I damn what i see: August 2013 ... which means it's been fifteen, sixteen ... Ma entire eighteen years from the Storm!Croatian receiving in his flock, the European Union has received a new 4 million slaves to take new loans and borrowing is.