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The Croatian criminal and general Janko Bobetko (1919-2003)
Janko Bobetko (1919-2003) is a former senior officer of the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) and later Chief of Staff of the Croatian Army during the wars in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s when his units committed horrific crimes against Serbs, not only in SR Croatia but also in the territory of SR Bosnia and Herzegovina.       

The Slovenian criminal Janez Janša - (1958.)
Janez Janša (1958) is a Slovenian politician and former so-called Minister of Defense (1990-1994) involved in arms smuggling in the Balkans in the early 1990s.       

The Albanian criminal Shaban Kastrati "Poluza" (1871-1945)
Shaban Kastrati (1871-1945) was an Albanian humbug, a brawler, a robber, a local bully, and a drunkard. His nickname was Shaban Poluža and was the leader of many atrocities, ie. genocide against Serbs and other non-Albanians in the area of Metohija.      

The German criminal Helmut Kohl (1930-2017)
Helmut Kohl (1930-2017) was a German historian, politician, and chancellor with the longest tenure in that position (as many as four terms). He led the German state in the last two decades of the 20th century, with a total of 195 months of rule.      

The Croatian criminal Operation "Otkos" - Bilogora 1991
The criminal operation of Croatian paramilitaries named “Otkos” was conducted in the area of Grubišno Polje and Eastern Bilogora with the outbreak of the 1990s war and disbandment of the Socialistic Federal State of Yugoslavia.       

The Muslim war criminal Naser Orić - Bosnia 1992
Naser Orić (1967) was the commander of the so-called Muslim units of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the territory of Srebrenica during the Bosnian Herzegovinian war in the early 1990s.      

The Croatian criminal and fascistic leader Ante Pavelić
Ante Pavelić (1889-1959) was a Croatian clerical-fascist politician, founder, and leader of the extreme right-wing Ustasha movement.      

The Croatian criminal Ivan Vekić
Ivan Vekić (1938-2014) was the Croatian Minister of the Interior (Police) from the early 1990s when wars were fought in the former Yugoslavia and the country was broken up.      

The Muslim criminal Ejup Ganić - Bosnia 1992
Ejup Ganić (1946) is a Muslim publicist and professor. He was an active participant in political life in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last decade of the 20th century, when wars were being fought in the former Yugoslavia.      

The Muslim criminal Haris Silajdžić- Bosnia 1992
Haris Silajdžić (1945) is a former Muslim politician who was a high-ranking official of the militant party SDA in the 1920s when wars were being fought in the former Yugoslavia.      

Damjan Štrbac, a Serbian hieromartyr - Lika 1941
Damjan Štrbac (1912-1941) is a hieromartyr of the Serbian Orthodox Church, who served as a priest in Grahovo. At the beginning of the Second World War, ustasha arrested him in his church and took him to the system of Concentration camps Jadovno-Gospić-Pag where he was eventually killed.       

Branka Djukić, a Serbian girl from Plav - Montenegro 1975
Branka Djukić (1956-1975) was a girl whom two Albanians from Kosovo tried to rape, and eventually killed.       

Božana Delić - a Serbian victim from Gorazde - Bosnia 1992
Božana Delić (1912-2005) from the place of Goražde is the symbol of the Serb suffering in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war 1990-1995.      

The Croatian criminal Blago Zadro - Vukovar 1991
Blago Zadro (1944-1991) was an active participant in the civil war in Avnojevska Croatia and the break-up of socialist Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.