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Internet portal is non-politics and non-profit site was established with the objective to preserve and spread the truth about the suffering of the Serbian people in those areas, which is inhabited for centuries, in the Western Balkans, with whom he expelled in the wars that took place during the 20th century and the persecution of the early 21st century, where destroyed and his entire property, as well as Orthodox Churches, ie proof of identity and all being of the Serbian people in these areas.

Our mission and vision is not spreading hate, nor invite to new wars and killing, on the contrary. We only want to break away from oblivion the memory of the suffering of our compatriots in recent times. Also we would like to criminals who are still alive and at liberty brought to justice, that is. justice system, prosecute and adequately punish, in order not to repeat several crimes.

On our site you will find a lot of documents, texts, images, authentic testimonies of people who survived the right Golgotha and extermination. Therefore, I would like to visit this site susceptible persons younger than 16 years. Our hope is that you, dear visitors contribute to this project, so it will help us advice, helpful suggestions, sending the appropriate material which will enrich the content of our site. The truth that we know and do not speak loudly and clearly, it is as if we did not talk about. A silence is a crime. We do not want to turn away from the suffering and distress of our people who are innocent killed in the turmoil of war.

During the First World War (1914-1918), when the Austro-Hungarian Empire attacked the Kingdom of Serbia, began the great suffering of Serbs, first in Machva, and then on the battlefield. Later in November 1915, Austria-Hungary helped Germany and its allies, and was followed by an even stronger impact on Serbia, when a multitude of Serbian people and the army set off towards the south - Greece, through Albania Glen would not come to the port of Durres and Shkodra, and later on the island of Corfu. And those who remained in Serbia underwent Golgotha, because the Bulgarian soldiers have committed heinous crimes. All these crimes are hovering over our nation, he wrote a large Serbian friend Rodolphe Archibald Reiss, born in Switzerland. The breach of the Thessaloniki Front in 1918 Serbian army with its allies, frees homeland, where Serbia enters the state-legal relationship with the Croats and Slovenes. The First World War was lost 1,200,000 Serbian life.

During World War II (1941-1945) Germany and the Vatican City are helping to create the Ustasha NDH, which is itself swallowed more than 1.2 million Serbs. The genocidal plans were made before the war, and the Ustasha war were founded in the concentration camps, even for children. The camps are in addition to the Serbs forced Jews, Roma and some politically unsuitable Croats. Communist authorities after 1945, partly Ustasha prosecute criminals, many of them have escaped justice. In fact they helped the Vatican, through the "rat channels". Crimes against Serbs were not only on the territory of NDH, but the Bulgarians have committed heinous crimes in eastern Serbia and Vardar Macedonia, the Hungarian fascists in Baranja and Backa. Likewise Arnautska gangs in Kosovo and Metohija committed a range of crimes against everything that has to do with Serbian nationalism and Orthodoxy. Then the German army in Serbia conducted a genocidal rule "Kill one hundred Serbs for one German." All this suggests that the Serbs were biologically vulnerable, and that the real Holocaust survivors. During World War II he lost more than 1.5 million Serbian victims.

After the Second World War, Yugoslav communist authorities over the infamous UDB killed thousands of Serbs who were committed to the monarchy, or have expressed sympathy for Stalin and the USSR, and they were sent to Goli Otok, where he formed a special camp for torture. Even in this era of "Peace and prosperity" during the socialist Yugoslavia, there were some strange events directed by communist authorities who continued to hide and conceal the crimes against Serbs. Cases Danilo Milincic and Djordje Martinovic from Kosovo and Metohia in the 1980s, almost remained unknown to the general public.

The dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1990 to 1991. year, against the Serbian people towering new threat of genocide. Separatist forces first in Slovenia and Croatia, and later in Bosnia and Herzegovina are aimed not only to exterminate the Serbs from their republics, but also to remove all traces of centuries of existence in these territories. That had negligible assistance of the EU and NATO, who are either helped to 1995. commit genocidal actions "Flash" and "Storm", when it occurred largest program in Europe after the Second World War. Serbs in Croatia after almost non-existent. Croatia was in 1992 passed the "Law on Amnesty", which is stroked all their combatants. In Bosnia and Herzegovina are also committed heinous crimes committed by the Croatian and Muslim police and (para) military forces, mostly in western Herzegovina and around Sarajevo and Srebrenica, which was missing dozens of Serbian Orthodox churches and settlements. On the territory of Slovenia, Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the breakup of Yugoslavia has made 778 camps for torturing Serbs (regardless of age and gender), and among them are the most famous camps: Lora in Split, Celebici in Konjic, Silos near Sarajevo, Dretelj near Capljina, Ribarska Koliba near Kutina ...

In Kosovo and Metohija in early 1998 Albanian KLA moving in its genicidnu finding mission to exterminate the Serbs and everything is Orthodox. In doing so, they strongly supporting the NATO pact, which officially intervene in conflicts of Albanian terrorists with security forces FR Yugoslavia in the spring of 1999, when Serbia and Montenegro, NATO planes bombarded with depleted uranium. Horrible crimes committed by NATO's bombing Varadin's bridge, Aleksinac, Nis and Novi Sad in 1999. The persecution of the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija continued after the Kumanovo Agreement, especially when in March 2004, when the Kosovos Albanians have committed terrible pogrom of Serbs.

The International Criminal Court in The Hague, Prosecution Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as quasi-state "Kosovo" has been deliberately avoided to prosecute criminals, even though they deliver valid evidence for several years after the war. What's more, justified by the fact that the crimes were "outdated" ?!

For all these injustices and evil that was done to our people in the past hundred years or more, there is also this site as a reminder to all those who want to take these crimes minimize or hide the grounds that awaits us all a better future if we forget this, if you
shut up.

Anyone who wants to forget the crimes,
that wants to repeat